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Crystal Healing - 30 minutes distant healing

Crystals absorb, focus, transmit and transmute electromagnetic energy, with each crystal holding a unique vibrational frequency. Correctly chosen crystals can help with an unlimited range of problems in both the physical body and the energy body. They can be used to enhance a Reiki treatment, in a layout, made into an essence and taken internally or placed on a photograph for distant healing. When using crystals with animals, great care must be taken to ensure that the animal cannot eat them or break them!

Reiki Healing - 30 minutes distant healing
The word Reiki is of Japanese origin and literally translated means "Universal Life Force Energy". Following attunement to Reiki, the practitioner is able to channel this energy through their hands to heal people, animals, plants or situations. This very gentle but powerful healing energy can be life changing in its effects. Healing can be given either hands-on or at a distance.

Price: £20.00 for 30 minutes distant healing session

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