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My husband and I share our home and lives with two adorable Border Terriers, Maiya and Lola. Maiya is two years old and Lola is one year old.

I contacted Sue and Elaine as a last resort following a newspaper article my husband found, to see if they could help Maiya. Whilst Lola, whom we lovingly call a hippie, is so laid back as to be almost horizontal, Maiya was a very uptight and anxious dog, never relaxed and always 'on guard' in case someone or something came within her or indeed our, boundaries.


She did not seem to like other dogs neither did she like tractors or lorries and as we live in the country, she encountered these on a daily basis. She was so anxious it affected her appetite; it was almost like she could not come off guard even to eat.

We could not understand this as Maiya and Lola were much wanted and loved pets and our lives were turned around almost overnight when they came to live with us as we wanted to share every possible moment we could with them.

When I first contacted Elaine and Sue I explained to them the problems as I saw them that Maiya had. They understood immediately and recommended TAT treatment and Reiki. They also said they would communicate with her to see if she was willing for the treatment to be carried out. Maiya was able to give them information that I was able to verify, and which I had not previously told them, I knew immediately that they were definitely connected to her. Maiya told them she felt sad and anxious as she thought she wasn't good enough because of her problems and that we were disappointed and felt she was not the dog we wanted her to be. I was then able to reassure Maiya through Elaine and Sue that this definitely was not the case and we just wanted to help her so that she could live a good life and that we just wanted her to be happy. Maiya agreed that Elaine and Sue could carry out the treatment and communication.

Elaine and Sue, over several weeks communicated with Maiya and carried out the TAT therapy to release deep rooted issues, not only from this life but from past lives as well.

One of the saddest recollections Maiya was able to communicate to Elaine and Sue was that she had lived a previous existence as a bear in North America and had two cubs. One day some hunters came and killed her cubs and she could do nothing to stop them. This had affected Maiya to her very soul and she had carried this with her through her lives. She was trying her best to keep everything away from her and said she did not want to lose another family as she thought the same thing may happen again. This is why she wanted to keep everything away from us, i.e. the tractors, lorries and other dogs.

From the very first session, I noticed significant changes in Maiya, she became much more relaxed and began to eat better. Over a five week period her anxious behaviour subsided; amazingly she stopped reacting in a negative way to lorries and tractors, and now just watches them go past. She has become a very happy little dog indeed.

Elaine and Sue had Maiya's best interests at heart and always asked her if she wanted to carry on with the treatment. They truly have a wonderful gift and I cannot recommend the treatment Sue and Elaine offer enough. My husband, Maiya and I were very, very thankful and only wish I had gone to them as a first and not a last resort. I shall definitely contact them again if necessary in the future. Thank You
Vivienne Hamilton, Rutland


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